Silent Architecture is about meaningful, minimal, and balanced design. These are the main principles by which the studio operates. Our aim is to create architecture and interior design projects that improve human life, through unique, long lasting spatial experiences. We are humans helping humans through design.



Wine Bar & Restaurant | Mogylev

Interactive Installation | Moscow 

Silent Architecture - DaGrill - Image 2.

Restaurant | Mogylev

Retail Concept Store | Moscow

Wine Bar & Restaurant | Minsk

Cafe & Roastery | Copenhagen

Cafe & Bakery | Minsk

Garden Instalation Competition| Moscow


Private Residence | Moscow

Silent Architecture - NPAK - Competition

Art Center Competition | Yerevan

Retail Kiosk | Moscow

Retail Kiosk | Minsk

Art Installation Competition | Nikola-Lenivets

Private Residence | Santiago de Cali

Private Residence | Moscow

Private Residence | Santiago de Cali


We strive to create long lasting spatial experiences, combining technology and art, while working together with clients who share our passion for quality and beauty.