Interior Design for an Apartment in Leningradsky 62, Moscow

Leningradsky 62

Moscow, Russia
Apartment  /   65 m2   /  2016-2017


Leningradsky Prospekt, one of Moscow’s many majestic avenues, is host to many Soviet era living blocks. It was here that a young couple chose to acquire an apartment, while approaching us for help. They commissioned the interior design of a very small yet cozy apartment. With their help, a sober and elegant monochrome interior. Choosing white as a protagonist, and also featuring contrasting materials like marble and concrete. In addition, wood and metal would be as color neutral as possible.

What is there to see behind?

Floor to ceiling windows illuminate the living unit, while spanning through the whole length of the apartment. A solitary large marble slab, standing right across the entrance, is one of the apartment’s main features. Traces of light filter around its borders, due to the very large windows behind it. This filtered light is there to generate curiosity, as a result, one knows there is something behind this slab. The idea was to enhance the experience of entering the apartment. So we gave a sense of expectation, by placing the marble slab standing on the way. The curiosity generated therefore enriches the revelation of the view behind it.

Functional Storage

Because of the almost rectangular layout of the apartment, it was possible to design a space which could be divided in half. A functional storage wall, not only separates the private area from the public one, it also functions as a container with several hidden compartments. Hence, this partition controls the fluidity of the space. When it is totally open, you can also circulate all around its perimeter.

Controlled Fluidity

In addition, a third movable division was also added to the design. It offers extra isolation to the living area from the cooking zone. It features a sliding metal frame partition, which also goes from floor to ceiling. Dividing such a small apartment seems like a risky game, but it is specially relevant to note that every single division in the space can be moved. In the end, the whole design may remain as open and fluid as it chooses to.