Minsk, Belarus
Retail  /   10 m2   /  2016


Commissioned by an upcoming Belarusian brand as a replicated model for loose tea and coffee retail kiosks to be located in various shopping malls around Minsk. The tea leaf shaped layout allows the customers to circuit around the vending point freely. The unit’s parts are composed of clear birch plywood panels with a diagonal etching, faceting along the subtle curves. The kiosk is composed of 3 separately built parts: two counters and a movable door module. The first serves as the counter where customers can talk to the assistant and are able to sample and smell the product, while taking a decision about the purchase. There is also a tea and coffee ware display, and a cash register. The second module uses the large variety of products sold by the brand, to create a colorful wall array composed of the massive jars in which the color-coded tea and coffees are kept. The jars are organized in vertical stacks within transparent shelves and customers can easily see the product from any point around the kiosk. The module is also equipped with a counter for preparing tea and coffee cocktails to go. It also contains two light boxes that will be used as displays for seasonal and promotional visual merchandising campaigns.